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Soniodoro Perfetto® - The Perfectly Fitting Luxury Jersey Knit Sheet by Egino®
Some Things To Consider When You Purchase A Jersey Knit Fitted Sheet
The fitted sheet is often the most underrated part of a bedding system, even
though it is the most crucial and important one since the entire body rests on the
fitted sheet.

If you purchased a
memory-foam style mattress, any kind of over-sized
mattress, an extra thick pillow-top, a water-bed or even an adjustable bed,
and your fitted sheets do not fit properly anymore, then our brand new “Soniodoro
Perfetto®” collection of supremely elastic Jersey Knit luxury sheets offers you a
unique solution to these problems.  We invite you to experience the fusion of
technology and unsurpassed sleeping comfort, the ease of handling and the
legendary durability of  Egino® European luxury Jersey Knit sheets.

Our “Soniodoro Perfetto®” fitted Jersey Knit sheets completely hug your mattress
and actively adjust to every contour of your mattress without any folds,
wrinkles or budging. They won't slip off the mattress, not even from adjustable
beds. The secret lies in their all-directional stretchiness in the sheet itself,
and not just in the drop-offs!   In fact, our Jersey Knit sheets are so stretchy that
we can cover all 12 common sizes of mattresses with only 3 sizes of our sheets.

  • Maximize the potential of your memory-foam mattress.  Our sheets   
    move with your mattress and adjust immediately to every dynamic contour  
    and shape. They stretch and relax without folds, wrinkles or any tension.   
    They are beneficial to your well-being, hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly.  

  • Engineered in technology-driven Germany,  theSoniodoro Perfetto®        
    fitted Jersey Knit sheets are designed and brilliantly refined to attain   
    maximum all-directional elasticity in the sheet itself, not just the drop-offs!
    Produced from the world's finest combed cotton,  these luxurious sheets  
    incorporate the answers to consumers' desires while maintaining the highest
    standards of sleeping comfort and elegance.

  • Made from 96% Mako cotton, an extremely fine cotton spun from extra       
    long staple Egyptian fibers and 4% Elastane, a fiber which can be stretched    
    up to 8 times of is original length, Soniodoro Perfetto® is a stunningly   
    elastic fitted Jersey Knit sheet of exceptional quality whose unique properties  
    prevents it from slipping off your mattress. Thanks to the innovative material
    composition and the distinctive manufacturing process, this sheet's superior
    stretch properties are ideal for memory-foam mattresses,  over-sized
    mattresses, extra thick pillow-tops*, water-beds and even adjustable
    beds.                                                               *up to 18 inches overall thickness

  • With "Luxury Jersey Knit" being defined as a fabric weight of 150 grams       
    per square meter (g/m²) or greater, the 170 g/m²Soniodoro Perfetto®   
    sheet constitutes itself as a true Luxury Sheet amongst the flood of ordinary   
    and often inferior quality "T-Shirt Sheets".

You have the choice of  
28 top fashionable colors  in all common sizes, freshly
updated and synchronized with stylish interior design color forecasting.

To view many more of our 28 beautiful colors, click here for our extensive Color
See what actual customers say about our super-elastic fitted Jersey Knit sheets.
  • Exclusively engineered, designed and manufactured in Germany to our specifications

  • Manufactured from the finest materials available on the world markets

  • Certified to comply with the strict requirements of the European legislation concerning environmental standards
The feel of substandard sheets, wrinkles and bunching up can seriously disrupt sleep and may even be detrimental to one's overall well-being. European
and, in our case, German sleeping systems emphasize the necessity for luxurious and comfortable fitted sheets, however, they do
 NOT  include a flat
sheet or pillowcases
.  It is therefore very important to color-coordinate the sheet(s) you order with any of your existing flat sheets and/or other bedding
accessories using our extensive 28-color
 Color Chart .
Egino International
And, as mentioned before, we are passionate about our environment and are therefore proud to carry the license label of the "International Oeko-Tex
Standard 100 for Confidence in Textiles" on our fitted Jersey Knit sheets.  Our packaging materials are also 100% recyclable, represented by The
Green Dot
symbol printed on all of our package inserts and bags.

Key Advantage Points:

  • Guaranteed Fit:  All-directional elasticity, combined with the natural comfort of the world's finest combed cotton, “Soniodoro Perfetto® Jersey     
    Knit sheets are the answer to consumers' desires because they hug the mattress entirely and actively adjust to every shape of the mattress   
    without any folds, wrinkles or budging.

  • No slipping off! These Jersey Knit sheets will fit skintight on your mattress and will stay on! There won’t be any wrinkles in the morning, your      
    bed’s surface will be completely flat and look like freshly made every day.

  • Breathable and temperature-regulating: Pleasantly cool in the summertime, cozily warm in winter, Soniodoro Perfetto®" Jersey Knit Sheets
    circulate air to your skin and divert heat away from your body.  Jersey Knit sheets simply breathe better than woven sheets.

  • Easy Care: Simply wash hot, machine-dry and put back on your mattress. Soniodoro Perfetto®  sheets will recover 100% of their original shape
    and elasticity within seconds, wash after wash after wash!

  • Durability: Because of the highest quality materials we employ, as well as the unique manufacturing process, you will enjoy these Jersey Knit  
    sheets for a long time.  In fact, our repeat customers who have used “Soniodoro Perfetto®sheets for five years or longer simply love them           
    because – according to their own words - they are the best sheets they have ever had!
Our elastic Jersey Knit fitted sheets in some gorgeous Spring colors.
Our elastic Jersey Knit fitted sheets in fresh water colors.
Our elastic Jersey Knit fitted sheets in some brilliant early Fall colors.
Our Young Collection
Our Young Collection of brilliant and adventurous colors - not only for young folks!
Gorgeous fresh Spring colors dominate this year's color forecast.
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Cool Water colors from deep sea to tropical coast lines.
Click Here or click picture for a larger view.
Beautiful Indian Summer Fall colors.
Click Here or click picture for a larger view.
Check out our Young Collection of adventurous and brilliant colors.
Click Here or click picture for a larger view.

Innovation And Luxury

Our fitted Jersey Knit sheets - stunningly elastic - perfect for memory-foam mattresses, pillow-tops, over-sized and adjustable beds.

Copyright ©  2013 Egino International. All rights reserved.
Copyright ©  2013 Egino International. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2013 Egino International. All rights reserved.
Click here to see larger picture of Spring colors.
Click here to see larger picture of the Young Collection.
Click here to see larger picture of Fall colors.
Click here to see larger picture of Cool Water colors.
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