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    Numerous recent changes in U.S. policies regarding product liabilities and legal issues concerning mainly small and
    medium sized companies selling imported products in the United States have forced us to attach this disclaimer.

    We cohere strictly to the requirements of the "Oekotex 100 Standard" which addresses harmful substances historically
    present in many textiles and their effects on human health. We have been working diligently to design Jersey Knit Sheets
    so that virtually no harmful substances are present.  Employing environmentally friendly  working methods such as
    careful selection of dye-stuffs, optimization of the dye baths, chlorine free bleaching techniques, and other recognized
    methods, result in extraordinarily safe fitted sheets, which pose no risk to the consumers whatsoever*.

    Even though we are not aware of any incidents, in extremely rare cases it is theoretically possible that severely hyper-
    allergenic persons might experience an adverse reaction to textile products like our Jersey Knit sheets.  In order to
    minimize this risk, we strongly recommend that you pre-wash your new sheets prior to first use.

    Egino International, its proprietor(s), or any of its subsidiaries will not take any legal or financial responsibility concerning
    any potential physical or psychological damage that can be associated in any way with our products, packaging
    materials or other contents in connection with our shipments.

    We expect you to accept our terms with the purchase of our products and hope you will enjoy the most wonderful sleep


    Your Egino Team

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