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    Luxury Sheet Soniodoro Perfetto®.
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    "These elastic Jersey knit fitted sheets are the greatest! They wrap around the bed so they never pull off or
    bunch addition, the customer service is outstanding!!  I'll never buy another sheet anywhere else

    Lori P., SC

    "I am very pleased with the Jersey knit fitted sheet!  It does not budge!  I think it is perfect for keeping warm on
    cold nights, too. Thomas Hartmann was very helpful!"

    Carolyn J., PA

    "After getting the Jersey knit sheets and using them for the first time, I was amazed at how comfortable they
    were to sleep on. One great thing is that they never come off the mattress, so in the morning it is much
    easier to make the bed quickly. Another great factor is that the Jersey knit sheets are cool to lie in even
    though it is warm in the house.  Additionally, washing them is simple and they feel just as great afterwards.
    I'm so glad I have these sheets, it has made sleeping much more comfortable."

    Stephanie R., VT
See what actual customers say about our super-elastic Jersey Knit fitted sheets.

    "Through the Internet I was able to locate the availability of Egino bottom fitted knit sheets (Spannbettuecher).  
    The color selection is unimaginable.  The quality of the sheets is unquestionable.  The fit is wonderful and
    lasting.  The cost is affordable, service is outstanding."

    Sonja M., CA

    Comment & Suggestion (respectfully):

    I had to write and tell you i **LOVE** my fitted sheet I got from you. My previous sheets could barely hang on to
    the corners. It was pitiful.  Your sheet was exactly what I needed and was looking for.

    My 2-cents-suggestion: Change name of green sheet from "Sage" to something else. It's not grayish or slate-
    bluish enough to qualify as "Sage". It's too *greenie*.  Throw a little green into the "Graphite" color, and then
    you'll have "Sage".  

    No, I do not want to exchange mine. It's too late anyway, I washed it before I even put it on the bed. I'm **very,
    very** happy with my sheet. Color is not that important to me. The fine quality of the jersey is what I was after and
    you nailed it!

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go dig myself out of my driveway (6th day)!! My back is killing me. But I look
    forward to getting into my comfy bed at night with my Egino fitted-sheet.

    Thank you, thank you so much!!


    Betty M., MD

    Just thought that I would send a quick email to let you know that I received my sheets and they are great!  I am
    also very happy that I went with the grey color because it actually looks good with two of my duvet covers instead
    of just one.  When we need new sheets we know where we will order from!

    Thanks again!

    Have a great weekend.

    Silvia G., CA

    "I seldom take the time to comment or review a product I have bought but I just had to write and tell you how much
    I love those sheets. Wrinkles in sheets have plagued me for years.  I have spent thousands of dollars on
    expensive sheets but I will never buy any other kind from now on.  I was about to buy a new mattress too but now I
    don't have to because I am sleeping better thanks to your sheet."  

    Alicia B., FL

    "Your sheets are absolutely the best I've ever had.  We recently bought a Tempur-Pedic mattress.  I loved the
    feel of the mattress but hated the way the bottom sheets would come off, wrinkle and bunch, and generally leave
    me fighting sheets all night long.  I have always hated wrinkled sheets but just thought that there was no easy
    solution.  When we bought the Tempur-Pedic, it became worse.  I tried a new set of sheets -- that didn't work.  
    Then I got the idea of maybe a stretchy knitted sheet would work.  I bought a cheap set and it was somewhat
    better but still pulled off the mattress.

    I googled "jersey knitted sheets" and your website popped up.  After reading the testimonials from others, I knew I
    had to try these sheets.  We have slept on them for four days now.  They are fabulous!  There is not one wrinkle
    in the sheets when we wake up in the morning.  The bed is so easy to make now.  I was a little concerned that
    they would be too hot in the summer since we live in So Calif near the desert.  It's not a problem at all.

    These are the sheets for me and I will not be buying any others!  I just wish the people who sell mattresses tell
    their customers about your sheets.  It would save lots of time, frustration, and money!"

    Nancy H., CA

    "I have arthritis in my hands which makes it very difficult for me to put on a fitted sheet.  I had read that ‘jersey
    knit’ sheets are stretchy and I thought that might be a solution.  Unfortunately, I also heard from people about the
    ‘cheap’ feel of them… the pilling after washing and the bunching.  Then I found EGINO!!!  This sheet has the
    benefit of fabulous stretch so no pain in my hands while making the bed and the quality is unsurpassed.  These
    don’t look or feel like any ‘jersey knit’ I’ve ever seen!  
    Washes and looks brand new.. no bunching… extremely comfortable!!  Sometimes you get what you pay for and
    rarely you get more than you pay for.  These sheets are so much more!!!  ( Also, the color is delicious).   
    Thankyou for this excellent product!    Can’t wait to get them on all of our beds!"

    Ali H., PA

Reviews and Testimonials

Soniodoro Perfetto® - Customer Reviews & Testimonials

    "I want to be sure you include my testimonial on your site because I'm so grateful for your amazing service.  
    After returning from a trip to Germany this spring, I was eager to find fitted sheets like we had slept on there.  
    We have a mattress that is only about 10 inches deep, so was hoping that the EGINO sheets would work.  
    As it turned out, they were also too deep.  
    However, I called EGINO and Mr. Hartmann happened to answer the phone.  He said he was going to be
    visiting their factory in Germany during the month of July and would be able to make a sheet according
    to my dimensions.  I couldn't believe that he would be willing to do that for me, but he was so great that
    I kept the faith.  Today, I received an email from him telling me that my sheet had been shipped.  
    Not only that, but he brought it back in his suitcase so I wouldn't have to wait longer than necessary.
    I am so amazed and gratified to find a company that is so concerned about their customer's satisfaction.
    I will be sharing the EGINO information with everyone I know!
    Thank you so much!"
    "Just had our first night's sleep on our new Egino sheet.  Fits the mattress perfectly and I slept better than
    I have in ages.  I've always had trouble with "hot" and "cold" spots with my woven cotton sheets.  
    Not a problem with the EGINO'S.
    Love them and thank you again for your wonderful customer service!"

    Christine M., WA

    "I want to add my testimonial to your list. I am another VERY satisfied customer! Several months ago I ordered
    twin fitted sheets of different colors. Mr. Hartmann assisted me from purchase to delivery. I couldn't believe the
    unparalleled customer service!! I didn't think that companies like this existed any more. (THANK YOU so much!)

    I wanted to wait until all of the sheets had been used a while before writing. Well, now I am ready!

    First, fit: The twin mattress we have is about 12" deep. I was able to discard all of the elastic 'garter hooks' that I
    have been using to secure other fitted sheets to the mattress - even deep pocket sheets. They all used to pop off
    the mattress, bunch up on the top and never stayed smooth. The Egino sheets stretch to fit all the way around
    and don't wrinkle or bunch up - they stay smooth and keep their shape. They don't come off of the bed until I take
    them off to be laundered. Also, it takes me less than half the time and effort to change the Egino sheets. Such a

    Second, comfort: I started using the sheets in very hot weather. We have now crossed over into cool autumn
    weather. My son used to complain about how uncomfortable his other sheets were, especially in the summer, but
    with these sheets he has been very comfortable in all temperatures!

    Third, laundering: These sheets come out of the washer and dryer wrinkle-free, colorfast, and without any 'pills'!
    They look brand-new every time. They are so easy to care for. I love them! They are a worthwhile investment in a
    great night's sleep, and I'll be back for more!"

    Angie M., NY