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Easy Care Instructions for our Supremely Elastic Jersey Knit Sheets:

  • Outstanding Fabric Quality:  High Elasticity Jersey Knit Fabric, 96% Cotton / 4% Elastane, 170 g/m² (grams per
    square meter).  A Jersey Knit fabric weight greater than 150 g/m² constitutes a “Luxury Jersey Knit Sheet".

  • Machine Wash: Hot (140ºF or  60ºC)   

  • Tumble Dry (Low Temperature)

  • No Chlorine (Do NOT Bleach)

  • No Ironing (Do NOT Iron)

  • No Dry Cleaning (Do NOT Dry Clean)

  • Packaging 100% recyclable

Professional Information about our Soniodoro Perfetto Jersey Knit Sheets:

  • A Jersey knit sheet's ability to retain its original color is one of the most important properties of a textile product, expressed
    as Color Fastness Properties (the resistance of fading or running of our Jersey knit fabric's colors).                
    SoniodoroPerfetto Jersey sheets Color Fastness Properties are determined by the ISO Standard 105-A02 Greyscale as  

Greyscale Values (GSV) from 1-5 with 5 being the best:


  • Dyestuff/Colorant - Reactive Dyes:  A group of textile colorants which form an actual strong covalent chemical bond
    with the cotton fiber itself and therefore results in the  afore mentioned great use properties).

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Easy Care Instructions and Detailed Information

Useful information and interesting properties about our fitted Jersey knit sheets
for our customers and visitors to make an educated and informed buying decision.

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4-5 ("good" to "very good" for fading resistance due to extensive light exposure)
4-5 ("good" to "very good" for fading resistance against sweat)

  • Wet Fastness:
  • Rubbing Fastness:
  • Light Fastness:
  • Sweat Fastness:
4-5 ("good" to "very good" for fabric fading resistance when rubbing against other materials)
4-5 ("good" to "very good" for fading resistance during washing)
Packaging Fully Recyclable.
Machine Wash Hot
Tumble-Dry Low Temperature.
No Ironing.
No Bleach.
No Dry Cleaning.
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