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    We are not just sellers, we are professionals!  Our philosophy is focused on surpassing customers' expectations by not just claiming to,
    but actually delivering products of highest quality standards.

    At the same time, we are keenly aware of the importance of environmental issues. We are therefore proud to carry the license label of the
    "International Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for Confidence in Textiles" on our Jersey Knit sheets.  Our packaging materials are also 100%
    recyclable, represented by The Green Dot symbol printed on all of our package inserts.

    Here are even more facts ensuring the commitment to our philosophy:

    We know what we do and what we are talking about:

  • Mr. Egino Hartmann holds a German Engineering degree in Textile Engineering and a BS degree in General Business.

  • His son, Thomas Hartmann, holds a German Engineering degree in Textile Chemistry and a BS degree in Chemistry and Engineering.

  • In times of dwindling consumer confidence, it seems to be especially crucial to reach out to customers and offer creative, useful and
    durable products.

  • Mediocrity is out, quality is back in! And we have the products to support this statement.

    From the Inventor of the True Fitted Sheets:  EGINO®  Sheets and Home Textiles - 55 Years of Excellence

    50 Years ago, Textile Engineer Mr. Egino Hartmann had an idea:

    He used a regular woven bottom sheet, spread it out on the floor, folded over the edges and secured the outlines with numerous simple
    sewing pins.  Then he took scissors, cut off the excess thereby creating the trapezoid flaps which are the basis for the side pockets of
    sheets. And, voilà, the rudimentary origin for a True Fitted Sheet was born.

    Of course, in subsequent weeks, Mr. Egino Hartmann fine-tuned his idea with preciser and more sophisticated tailoring.  Elastic rubber
    bands were sewn in to make the bottom edges stretchable.

    Later on, his inventions were imitated by numerous other manufacturers.  The first true success of the Fitted Sheet came only in the
    1970's with the introduction of the "Frottee (Terry Cloth) Fitted Sheets", a huge hit in the bedding industry for at least two decades.

    Nowadays, however, it has become crystal clear that the greatest application of the "fitted" tailoring method comes in connection with
    elastic knitted fabrics like the ones our Jersey Knit sheets are made from. Egino Hartmann realized this 20 years ago and has been
    perfecting the manufacturing designs ever since.  

    And so, today, our EGINO® Jersey Knit fitted sheets, invented by Egino, are still the best and continue to be the quality standard which
    has yet to be accomplished by our competitors worldwide. (See our Testimonials page.)  

    More Historical Information:

    With over fifty-five (55) years experience in the textile industry, Dipl.Ing. Mr. Egino Hartmann has been tirelessly listening to retailers' and
    consumers' demands for innovations. His bright new ideas and intelligent design concepts have led to countless manufacturing
    innovations and subsequent product developments. Demand and sales figures have proven him to be on the right track.

    Egino International® was created in 2005 as an U.S. offspring of the internationally renowned Egino Hartmann Import - Export -
    Grosshandel in Augsburg, Germany (est.1978), to focus on selling Soniodoro Perfetto® ,  the world's finest elastic fitted Jersey Knit
    sheets within the United States.

  • Established in 1978 by Egino Hartmann, MEng., Mr. Hartmann and his company have been supplying luxury bed-linen, including our
    luxurious Jersey Knit sheets, to high-end retail stores in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. We emphasize this
    commitment to specialty retailers as we are enrolled in a continuous feedback loop about our sheets' quality, durability and customer
    satisfaction.  This allows us to stand behind every purchase and ultimately increases responsibility towards our customers - a stark
    contrast to the anonymity of big department store business.

  • Over the last ten years, increasing demand for luxurious, easy-to-care-for, and durable quality bed-linen has opened new doors for our
    super-elastic Jersey Knit sheetsSoniodoro Perfetto® to the enormous market segments of the bed-and-breakfast and hotel industry.

  • Over the decades, the EGINO® brand has become an internationally recognized name for exceptional quality in the Home Textile
    business and is represented yearly at the world's greatest Home Textile fair, the Heimtex in Frankfurt.

    Our Philosophy is simple: We Are Textile Professionals!
Code Of Arms of the German city of Muenchberg, a historical center of the textile and clothing industry since the early 1800's and seat one of the world's greatest Engineering Universities for Textile Manufacturing, Chemistry and Design.
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We Are Textile Professionals

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